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Welcome to our Civil War Pages.
Here you will find our ancestors that served  in either the Union or the Confederacy.  By clicking on the name of the individual you will be taken to the Unit they served in.  There you will find any information we currently have on the Unit.  In many instances there will be additional links to the battles that were fought.
.By clicking below you can view either the Units or Battles.
Unit Number
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Eli Diehl William Shearer (Serer) Daniel M Zorger Theodore Gaillard Hunt
Charles E Eagy Sargent Spears George F Zorger Randell Gaillard Johnstone
John S Eagy David Vanpool George M Zorger Nathan William Nuckolls
Samuel Gantz Fisher Isaac Vanpool Henry C Zorger Burr J Randell
Jacob Lictenberger Fry John Carroll Vanpool Heinrich "Henry" Zorger Carver Randell
John W Gilham Rowan Francis Vanpool Jesse Zorger Samuel Johnston Randell
Albert Kemp Rufus R Vanpool Peter Frysinger Zorger Edward Croft Sollee
Amos Knesstrick Ai Woodyard Peter Simon Zorger  
Barnhart Zorger Rudoph Zorger  
Levi Shearer (Serer) Charles K Zorger William Freeman Zorger