Much of the information maintained in this database is, a matter of Public Record. I have fought over the years because some people object to seeing their name here. I have taken this into consideration and have removed the birth dates of any living individual born after the 1940 census.

A question that pops up from time to time is "Why do you have individuals in your database that are not directly related to you or your wife".  This is why in part.

08 November, 1998.
Mr. Zorger,Sometime ago, I gave you my line back to Thomas & Alice in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

I just wanted to let you know because of your posting my info, a father and daughter have been reunited (via email, so far) this weekend after 30 years!!! They are both overjoyed!! The daughter went looking for family and was shocked to see that just, maybe, her father was still alive. Her mother had implied to her that the father had passed many years ago!

Just knowing that having Our Ancestry on-line helped in so many ways made me realize its importance.

DON'T ASK to have your name removed as somewhere someone has provided it to me. It could have been a parent, an aunt or uncle, a sibling, a son or daughter, a cousin, or even your spouse.
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Welcome to the all new Our Ancestry.

It was on 20 May 1988 that we opened our doors.  Much has changed during those 18+ years.  Not only in the way our information is presented but also in the way we collect  that information.

The internet has brought our families to us.  No longer do you need to drive hundreds of miles to get that headstone photo you wanted.  Just pay a visit to FindAGrave and place a request for a picture of your Great Grandparents headstone if it isn't already online

Take a trip to one of the sites that have census images or birth and death certificates available.  Then you have all of those individuals who are also looking to expand their knowledge and obtain aditional family heritage information that also have an online presence.

Now making an incredible entrance is DNA.  I received my results in May and although I have not gotten information I was hoping to obtain I don't believe I will ever get through all of the hints it has provided.
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